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Types Of Personal Property Appraisals

Estate Appraisals


One of the primary reasons people need a written valuation is for estates. Fair Market Value is employed for estate evaluations.

A valuation of the goods and chattels 

may be required for probating a will 

or the appraisal may encompass just one 

or two pieces for equitable distribution. 

Emotions are frequently more pronounced during a time of loss and an impartial professional can reduce 

current and future tensions.

Insurance Appraisals

I recommend all my clients take a video on their phone of their household contents. This can be invaluable when reconstructing losses due to a calamity. 

It is strongly recommended that you talk with your insurance broker prior to engaging an appraiser. Every plan is different and most clients do not require riders on individual items.

After a loss, photographs and videos can be invaluable in reconstructing values and I have successfully used these records for insurance claims in the past. 

Divorce Appraisals

Divorce is a very stressful time 

and can become very heated. 

It is important that finances and 

personal property are equitably dispersed 

so that both parties can move on. Divorce appraisals can involve an entire household of items, trips to two households or just a report on a couple of pieces.

Fair Market Value is used for divorce valuations. 

Bankruptcy Appraisals

There are few things that are more difficult than declaring bankruptcy. Lenders may require proof that the value of personal property is minimal and cannot be claimed against any debt. Fair Market Value is used for bankruptcy appraisals.

Personal Interest Valuations

Have you inherited an piece that Grandma told you was valuable. Is that Thrift Store find whispering its high value in your dreams. Sometimes you don`t need a specific reason to want to know what something is worth. All we need to know is whether you want to know its cash in hand value or what it would cost in a store or to replace it

Other Reasons To Use An Appraiser

There are many reasons you may require 

to know the value of an object.

If you don`t fall into one of the preceding categories, we can discuss your interest and the best type of value(s) for your needs. 

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Service Prices

Alison Ross Appraisals Ltd. charges an hourly fee. Alison has extensive education, auction and appraisal experience. 

Alison is accredited through the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group. 

The usual fee is $150/hour for time in the home as well as research.